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“Joanna is simply fantastic! Her ability to get straight to the root of what’s holding you back is incredible. Her EFT coaching really allowed me to open up to receiving in a huge way in my life and business! I didn’t even realize some of the fears that were holding me back until spending time with Joanna and experiencing her coaching. If you’re thinking about working with her, do it! Hands down! You won’t regret it and it’s time to open yourself up to abundance and success like never before!”

Melissa Pharr, Wealth Creation and Business Coach


“Working with Joanna was life changing. I will be eternally grateful to Joanna and for her life-transforming EFT coaching. I had no idea when starting the course how many money blocks I had, the fear of judgement I felt and what negative impact my beliefs were having on my business and my overall wellness. Joanna provides a safe environment and the most amazing tools to unlock inside you what you truly deserve.”

– Tracey Pattison, Cookbook Author & Health Coach, Love to Cook


Do you ever feel like you’re stalled out, spinning your wheels and waiting for the cash to come? Um, hello, financial windfall. Where are you already?!
Are you ready to peek at your bank balance and L-O-V-E the number you see staring back at you?
Do you want to start charging what you want and actually feel amazing about how much money you earn every month?

Then you’re in the right place.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you have so much to offer, but you’re trapped in a job you hate, drowning in debt or struggling in your business.

The money you make is nowhere near representative of the value you have to offer — and it certainly isn’t enough to live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

You’re afraid…

To ask for the amount of money you deserve. What if it’s too much? What if nobody’s willing to pay it? Who do I think I am?
You might have to quit your business and run back to a corporate job just to feel financially stable or make ends meet
You’ll never be able to achieve your true money goals. You just don’t see how it could happen for you.
Your competition knows something you don’t know, or maybe they’re just better than you. That’s why they’re getting all the clients, right?


They’re just your subconscious money blocks, and they’ve been holding you back from the abundance that’s available to you.

The good news?

With the right support and guidance, money blocks can be eliminated once and for all, finally allowing you to become the wealthy woman you were born to be.

Hi, I’m Jo.

As a previous Chartered Accountant, I thought starting up my own business and getting clients would be a pretty easy task. After all, I had 13 years of experience in the finance industry and 4 more years getting my Honours Accounting degree!

In short, I knew money.

At least, I thought I did! In the first 6 months of starting up my own life coaching business, I hit a plateau. I wasn’t making much money, I only had a handful of clients and was VERY busy (getting everything set up, attending courses and networking events and of course my heavy study load!). I wasn’t quite sure where I’d find the time to fit any more clients in, if I could even attract them.

Before I knew it, I had spent all of my savings trying to solve the problem of not having enough money. Oops.

I realized the answer wasn’t outside of me


For me, money always balanced; it symbolized transactions and hard work.

To imagine it had anything to do with energy, vibrations, thoughts or manifestation challenged everything I had taken to be truth.

I wondered, ‘What if I had a money story that was holding me back? What if I was energetically blocking money from coming to me? What if my fears of not being good enough were stopping clients coming to me?’

The moment I broke past my own money blocks, my business grew exponentially, earning $40k in 6 weeks. To date, I’ve grown a multi-6-figure business showing other women how to break through their money blocks, so they can reach unlimited financial freedom and flow.

Abundance Alchemy is the key that unlocks money miracles.

It’s everything you need to release your blocks to abundance and open the floodgates to more money with less struggle.

Financial Freedom + Flow

I am on track to being over $135,000!

At the end of the day I made $6,200 last year. I invested significantly more than that. But this year, after working with Jo I am on track to being over $135,000. When I started off I was charging $500 a month and getting my clients really great results. But working with Jo through my money blocks, my worth and my value, I realized I was WAY under charging what the industry does for ads. So I decided to raise my prices, and this morning I closed my first client at $2500 a month!

Portia Jackson

30% increase in my monthly income!

Prior to working with Jo, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and self-sabotaging my attempts to move forward in my business (and my life in general). Jo helped me clear many of my mindset blocks that were keeping me from growing my business online, launch my first opt-in, create a massive vision for my life and business, and she’s helped me break my sales plateau from the previous year. All the mindset work cleared the way for a new job, an engagement, a 30% increase in my monthly income, and not to mention some savvy new team members who have allowed me to really step up as a leader.

Chrissy Lowe

I made my first ever $2,000 after just ONE call!

Since working with her, I have literally gained more confidence, made peace with my past and confidently moving towards my goals. The day after my first call with Joanna, I made my first ever $2,000, 6 weeks after working with her I made $5,000 in just that one week. It was a game changer. It is a journey, and i don’t think I realized it until I started working with Joanna because now I’m no longer chasing that shiny object. Because I trust the process but I’ve got a mentor who I completely believe in, and that’s why I trust the process, and now I actually trust myself that if I continue to just do the work, forgiveness, decluttering, surrender, everything that I know and am learning to do, it’s all open to me.

Nofisa Caseman

So how are we going to do all this?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping and NLP
By using a special combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping and NLP, plus some other magical energy techniques, you’ll clear all of the hidden blocks that are literally standing in the way of your abundance

This 6 week LIVE course gives you a deep dive into breaking bad habits, eliminating harmful money patterns, and aligning your conscious and unconscious mind, so you can finally create new behaviors and fully manifest your money desires.

In a hurry? It’s a 6 week Abundance Accelerator for your life and biz.

Pull back the curtains!

What’s inside Abundance Alchemy?

Special gift from jo


You know how when you’re ready, the teacher will appear? This welcome package is how you ready yourself for all of the shifts, quantum leaps and upgrades that are headed your way.



This round of Abundance Alchemy is self study. Each week you’ll be receiving a fresh, foundational training class that will give you the tools, resources and support you need to eliminate your money blocks forever. Plus get a chance to ask all your questions in the Facebook community. Calls last approximately Two hours and can be listened back to anytime, anywhere.


what’s included


Identifying your Money Story

Your subconscious money story has been ruling your life since you were a child. Isn’t it time for a little rewriting? You’ll learn how to identify the story you’ve been telling yourself about money since before you even started earning it, so you can intentionally and powerfully change your relationship with abundance. I don’t want a 3 year old running my business, do you??


Money rules

You are not born with your beliefs; they were created as a reaction to your experiences. And once they get hardwired (which happens in childhood), it can be nearly impossible to shift them — unless you’ve got a clear path for doing so. You’ll learn how to change your underlying beliefs about money, so you can drop the struggle for good and create new ways of relating to money that allow you to make more and keep more.

Tried to shift these before? Jo will explain EXACTLY WHY it hasn’t worked, help you find your SECRET abundance blockers and show you how to clear them. Finally.


Ditch the Painful Patterns

Truth bomb: Some of the busiest women earn the least amount of money!
Are your fears around your business causing you to avoid doing the real work that will bring in clients and make money? What has procrastinating cost you, emotionally, physically, financially? It’s time to break the patterns of self-sabotage and build new money habits.


Break free of your Financial Comfort Zone (FCZ)

Everyone has a FCZ, whether they realize it or not. This is why you wind up in cycles of feast and famine, why you spend everything you earn, why you can’t climb out of debt, or why things break just as you’re starting to hit a higher level of income. You know those Lottery winners who go broke in two years?? They didn’t have a course like this!!

If you’ve ever told yourself you can’t earn any more money, or the bills start to pile up as soon as your revenue does, it’s time to reset your FCZ.


Wealth Consciousness

You can decide to be wealthy! We can understand the concept of wealth consciousness, but putting it into practice is where the power really lies! Luckily by this module you’ll have cleared all your blocks, so it’s time to instil some really great positive mantras and routines to accelerate your success.

Imagine just KNOWING you can always have exactly what you want.


Manifesting Your Desires

Get clear on what you desire, and watch as it comes flooding in. You’ll be able to redesign your future, feel more confident in what you want, and start attracting it in using my special secret NLP manifesting process I usually only share with private clients. This is a game-changing process that literally guarantees your success. Bring on those soulmate clients, speaking gigs and luxury travel adventures!

An Abundance of Bonuses!


Done for you Tapping Scripts

Get your fingers on my favorite tool for eliminating stubborn money blocks, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short

$297 value


Wealth Consciousness library

When you enroll in Abundance Alchemy, you get of the very best money mindset books available to download straight away.

$50 value


Abundance Affirmations audio and Alchemy Visualizations

The universe abhors a vacuum. That means once you start eliminating those old beliefs that are holding you back, you’ll need to reprogram that mental space with positive thoughts that serve and help cement your new reality.

$297 value


Exclusive Access to Joanna’s Private Facebook group “Abundance Alchemy”

You’re not in this journey alone. This private community will have your back, 24/7/365.

$997 value


Pay It Forward

Money always needs a purpose, and a positive one is best, so we pledge 5% of all sales to charity


Sales Training & Overcoming Objections Script

Over 5 hours of Bonus sales and objections trainings. So you can you go out there and take YOUR new Abundance beliefs and turn them into actual sales, $$$ and gorgeous new clients!

$997 value


Tantra and Sex Magick

Transmutation of sexual energy is the most powerful manifestation tool we have available to us. It’s also the most underused and taboo topics. We’ll dive deep and have an open conversation about tantra, unlocking your full manifesting power through Sex Magick.

$397 value

Total Value of just the Bonuses over


(Really, priceless because this will bring you Abundance for life!)



Join Abundance Alchemy!



6 Weekly Online Classes on opening yourself up to new levels of abundance


Bye Bye, Money Blocks Worksheets


Abundance Alchemy Private Facebook group


Done For You Tapping Scripts


Wealth Consciousness Library


Abundance Affirmations & Visualizations


Pay It Forward Charitable Donation


Over 5 Hours of Sales and Objections Training


Exclusive Tantra and Sex Magick Bonus


1 Payment of



6 BI-WEEKLY Payments of





Fresh off the press…

Answers to your most burning questions

Who should jump into Abundance Alchemy with both feet?
You should be inside this program if you’re ready and willing to work through the money blocks that have been holding you back from unlimited financial freedom and flow.

Past students of Abundance Alchemy have been smart women entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level, corporate powerhouses who know they deserve to be bumped up to a higher pay grade, and ladies who are committed making more money and living a more abundant life.

Great, that’s me! But...does this stuff actually work?
Absolutely! Not only has the content inside Abundance Alchemy helped Joanna herself make multiple 6-figures in her business, but it’s changed the lives and businesses of so many of her clients too. All you have to do is take a scan of the stories on this page to confirm how proven Abundance Alchemy really is.
How fast will I see results?
There’s no limit to how quickly Abundance Alchemy can shift everything for you. Since so much of this work is energetic, you can experience a financial windfall within minutes of signing up for the program — even before you’ve had a chance to implement the content. That doesn’t happen for everyone, but it does happen.
If you’re willing to fully commit and to follow the exact steps you’re given throughout this course, you’ll start seeing your income grow before you even finish the 6 weeks. Even better? You’ll have the tools and resources to continue to attract wealth and abundance for the rest of your life.
How will I access Abundance Alchemy?
It’s easy! You’ll get an email with all access details to the program after you join. You’ll get immediate access to the Orientation module and some bonuses and then you’ll receive a new training and workbook every week for 6 weeks.

Plus, you’ll be able to download the audios and videos to your computer, smartphone or tablet device and do the work anywhere in the world. Vacation, anyone?

What happens if nothing abundant shows up in my life during the program?
Ok, I’m in, but I want to know that you have my back. What happens if nothing abundant shows up in my life during the program?

I feel 100% confident in Abundance Alchemy and the results it gives you. That’s why, if at the end of our 6 weeks, you don’t feel like you’ve received the tools to break through your money blocks, you’ll get a complete refund. Yes, seriously. Just show me that you’ve done all the modules, and I’ll return every. single. penny.




1 Payment of



6 BI-WEEKLY PaymentS of




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