Host, Speaker & Facilitator

In our modern fast paced society, too many women are burnt out, struggling to focus, juggling a million balls in the air and feeling unsatisfied, knowing they could be, do and have MORE.

Since 2014, Joanna has been the go-to facilitator for leading business women who want more from life, and to be making more impact.

She has a fun, vibrant, authentic energy combined with research to help leading women move from fear to flow with tangible actionable steps.

Most Requested Talk Topics Include:


The state of consciousness that Silicon Valley are going nuts trying to hack and people die to experience…Discover The Flow Formula, and her simple secrets to Get in Flow


What’s the REAL reason you’re procrastinating? It’s NOT your fault and also how to fix it.




How to get unstuck and Get in Flow, for boosted creativity and fun.

Joanna has a powerful message to share.

If you’d like to book her as a Keynote speaker, or for a Summit, Podcast or Panel discussion as a guest expert please email